Convinced that art and culture are essential pillars to a country’s development, Hasnaine Yavarhoussen created the Yavarhoussen Fund back in 2019 with the goal of exposing and supporting the richness and diversity of Malagasy cultural and creative identity and to develop its visibility both in Madagascar and globally.

In 2019, the Yavarhoussen Fund was the principal sponsor of the first national pavilion of Madagascar at the Venice Biennale , represented by artist Joël Andrianomearisoa.

In 2020, the Fund inaugurated “Hakanto Contemporary” located in Antananarivo, the first multi-purpose contemporary art space in Madagascar – an ambitious non-profit platform dedicated to train and showcase contemporary Malagasy artists. With the ambition to support young Malagasy artists and creators to build the future, the Fund also contributes to the increased documentation of Malagasy art history and Malagasy culture by providing support for academic research and publication. Furthermore, the Yavarhoussen Fund also supports initiatives aimed at developing access to art and culture in Madagascar in all genres (visual arts, music, cinema, etc.).

Hasnaine Yavarhoussen


A malagasy businessman,
CEO of Groupe Filatex

Portrait Hasnaine

— “The effervescence of the Malagasy artistic scene needs to be supported in order to create, produce and make itself known in Madagascar and internationally. The Fonds Yavarhoussen also aims to support the historical documentation of Madagascar's artistic heritage and to support the visibility of Malagasy art and culture locally and globally.”

Hasnaine Yavarhoussen
President and Founder

Since Hasnaine Yavar Houssen was appointed CEO of Groupe Filatex in 2011, he has led a change agenda to inspire a culture shift within the organization and grow the business internationally. He has injected new energy into a family-owned business – not only diversifying into real estate, free zones, energy, and hospitality sectors – but, leveraging his business acumen and vision for innovation, has transformed the Group’s energy subsidiary into the largest IPP producer in Madagascar.

Hasnaine’s global mindset, strong work ethic, entrepreneurial spirit and contagious enthusiasm, is the driving force behind the company’s successful expansion into mainland Africa.

Hasnaine has also overseen Groupe Filatex’s various CSR activities, which has involved the implementation of 32 philanthropic programs in Madagascar. Furthermore, he founded The Yavarhoussen Fund in 2019, a fund dedicated to supporting Malagasy arts and culture, which began with the participation of Madagascar at the Venice Art Biennale in 2019 for the first time ever.

In 2018 and 2019, Hasnaine was selected for the ‘Choiseul 100 Africa’ ranking, a publication which recognizes 200 of the most successful African leaders under the age of 40.

Since 2021, Hasnaine sits on the board of South Africa’s Zeitz Mocca museum.



Joël Andrianomearisoa’s « The five continent of all our desires » installation at Zeitz Mocaa.

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Fonds Yavarhoussen is the main sponsor of the spectacular site-specific commission of monumental scale for the atrium of Zeitz Mocaa museum in Cape Town. Commissioned to Madagascar born artist Joël Andrianomearisoa, « The five continent of all our desires » is a celebration of relations and connections, shaping suspended archipelago in a poetic reference to land masses and geographies of tour desires he imagination.

The work is conceived in dialogue with the concrete interior of the museum, and what remains of the original silos of the building; it is both in play and in visual tension with its surroundings.

This installation is accompanied by a sound piece, and a display of 40 drawings - a first, significant showing of the artist’s graphic works in a museum. To discover until 25 July 2023.

Zeitz MocaaIcon fleche droite

Coming soon...


« Esprit Revue Noire, une collection fondatrice »
- at Hakanto Contemporaryo

Image contenu 11.

This exhibition offers a great journey in African photography seen from the « Revue Noire » founders’ collection. With 140 images by nearly 30 photographers, this show will also introduce to the Malagasy public this important international collection. Curated by Jean Loup Pivin and Pascal Martin Saint Leon

Hakanto Contemporary Alhambra Gallery, 2nd floor. Ankadimbahoaka. Antananarivo 101. Madagascar

Fonds Yavarhoussen

President and Founder
Managing Director

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